So I won the Writers of the Future Contest.

No, really.  Here's the press release:

This is cool in unfathomable ways.

And yet, when I've told my non-writer friends about it, I tend to get a raised eyebrow, a few words of encouragement, and perhaps a nod of affirmation.  After that, no one mentions it again.

I don't want to keep sounding my own trumpet or singing my own praises, but I've struggled to get those who haven't heard of WotF to understand exactly what the contest is and what it could possibly mean to my writing career going forward.

At last, I discovered the solution.  A nifty three-part video on YouTube about the contest, the workshop, and all that good stuff that has been so hard to pin down for those who are uninitiated to the ways of WotF.

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:


Steven Pogue
12/07/2014 10:29am

Thank you for posting this video! I'm currently working on my own submission for the WotF contest. Can't wait to finish and submit.

07/12/2017 12:54am

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05/06/2016 6:00am

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No matter, won you or not. If you will work hard you will be great writer without any awards! Readers are your award ;)

03/14/2017 1:40am

That documentary is awesome! So interesting! Thank you! And good luck in writing ;)

07/04/2017 8:49pm

I won that some years ago too. So I understand your feelings so good!


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