I woke up this morning to find a Facebook message from my friend and fellow WotF 30 alumni K.C. Norton congratulating me on having the audio story in IGMS.  I knew this was coming, but I had no idea it was coming *today*.  so I immediately set about making sure my website here was up-to-date.  No use having IGMS link to my site if it looks like the rumors of my death are not greatly exaggerated. 

It's been an okay year on the short story market.  I sold four stories this year with possibilities for another one or two before the end of December.  Those that have been sold are now listed on my home page. I now have all the qualifying sales needed for SFWA membership--just waiting on a publication date from Galaxy's Edge.

In my last post (Holy cow! 11 months ago?!) I mentioned the problems I was having with my tendons.  Time to give a brief update.

Bad news first: yes, the tendon problems did slow down my writing this year.  It slowed me down at the day-job, too.  for a while there I was in pain any time I had to reach with my left ring or pinky finger to hit keys on the keyboard.

Good news: I think I've finally found a solution that doesn't require surgery.  I've been receiving prolozone therapy from the good folks at Denali Performance Clinic.  I'd never heard of prolozone before--in brief, the injured muscles and ligaments are injected with a bath of pain-killers and vitamins, and then a mixture of oxygen and ozone is forced into the wounded area.  In theory, the oxygen/ozone triggers a healing cascade in the damaged tissue.  In practice -- well, I've been through three injections in the elbow now and it feels better than it has in about two years.  I'm still not back to lifting weights or doing reps on the rowing machine--there are still a few little movements in day-to-day life that cause twinges of pain--but the improvement is more than I had hoped for.

This means there's a lot more writing to come in the days ahead, and I couldn't be happier about that.  One more big thing to be grateful for in this Thanksgiving season.